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Multi Day Tours

Man’s time on this green earth is finite and fleeting, so there is absolutely no excuse to live a content life without visiting mythical Greece. From the lush, verdant forests that encircle the breathtaking pillars of the “elevated monasteries” in Meteora, to the colossal walls of ancient fortresses in Mycenae, your vacation in Greece can be set within a 2-15 day itinerary to accommodate your specific preferences. Multi-day tours guide guide you from hotspot to hotspot, while still providing encyclopedic information about Greece’s culture, history and tradition, all the while allowing you the freedom to lose yourself within the serpentine corridors of oceanic Elounda or the crystalline caves of the Diros Caves. Adjusting your itinerary accordingly to suit your travel style and your expectation of a trip to Greece is essential, and you will soon find that tailoring your ideal Greek experience is not only a possibility but a plausible reality.

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