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Biblical Tours

It is a fact: Christian pilgrim & religious travel is vastly gaining more audience, and for good reason. Sure, Greece is home to some of the most awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping ruins, altars and statues of an ancient civilization that persevered through wars and catastrophes, but it is also a place where raw, natural beauty blends with sacred and pious temples, where sacred grounds meet flower beds under starry skies. Biblical Tours in Greece are the perfect way to admire the solemn beauty of Byzantine and orthodox temples, to talk with priests who still hold masses inside ancient chapples, and marvel at religious frescoes, mosaics and portraits of venerated antiquity. So trace the footsteps of Apostle and scale the steps of St. Paul’s cathedral in Corinth, pay your respects at Saint Theodora of Vasta, and witness the miracle that biblical tours in Greece can offer to the traveler who wishes to be a tourist and a pilgrim.

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