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Guided Group Tours

Escorted Group Travel Trips are one of the easiest and most affordable ways to enjoy Greece in all of her ancient-ruin-scaling, sapphire-ocean-swimming and modern-culture-tasting splendor. Band together with a crew of equally avid travelers and follow this colorful cast of wanderers under the knowing guidance of your tour guide to mythical Nemea, breathtaking Crete and majestic Corinthia. Sure, escorted guided group tours may be the default way to travel and sightsee, but this just proves their quality and effectiveness, as the best memories are oftentimes forged when meeting new places, but also new people! Engaging in rigorous debates and discussions about the heritage and culture of ancient Greeks, tasting the scrumptious and saliva-inducing dishes of Mediterranean origin and forging friendships that could last a lifetime – guided group tours may be considered passe by many, but their will always possess a timeless quality.