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Classical Tours

Greece: known for her never-sleeping nightlife, the translucent waters that lick golden beachfronts, and the Picasso-like sunsets that melt behind penciled horizons. What goes oftentimes unmentioned is Greece’s tradition and history, with cultural & heritage travels being one of the most popular and efficient ways to acquaint yourself with Classical Greece. Ever wondered where Agamemnon, the great Mycenaean king who toppled Troy, hailed from? Ever fancied a tour in time and history, where ancient meets byzantine? Classical Greece Tours offer far more than just a peek to Greece’s rich and colorful heritage and legacy, they provide the ideal way to enjoy idyllic landscapes and enjoy the insights and knowledge of highly educated tour guides, who will not only try to engage you in the perpetual myth, but also offer advice concerning hotspots and Mediterranean cuisine food venues. Who knows, maybe the next time you will hold the marble columns of a Greek ruin within your gaze won’t be on the back cover of a travel flight magazine…

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