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With its glorious and historic past, natural beauty, olive groves, vineyards, mountain peaks, delicious cuisine, balmy climate and amazing pristine sandy beaches look no further than the Peloponnese!

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Severing Peloponnese from mainland Greece you will have the opportunity to visit the Isthmus/Corinth Canal!

While the Greeks attempted to create a canal more than 2000 years ago, you will be captivated by the remarkable 19th century engineering not completed until 1893.

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The stark remains of ancient Corinth are perfect!

The Temple of Apollo with its fluted monolithic columns surrounded by wildflowers, together with Acrocorinth, a brooding hilltop fortress in the background and considered one of the finest of Greece, will captivate you!

Private Tour of Classical Athens - Ancient Greece Tours
Private Tour of Classical Athens - Ancient Greece Tours

Little remains of ancient Corinth. These ruined arches and entryways to shops on what was once the Agora call on ones imagination to see the gleaming buildings complete with statuary as they once were.

One sees acres of buildings and pavement stones, the well known synagogue lintel inscription and the ‘Bema’ on which the Roman proconsul would hold court. The Bema was also the public platform where St.Paul had to plead his case when the Corinthians hauled him up in front of the Roman governor Gallio in 52 AD.

The Archaeological Museum of Ancient Corinth contains a number of artifacts of religious interest, including inscriptions of Gallio and Erastus, both mentioned in the Book of Acts; a synagogue inscription, menorah reliefs and votive offerings of terracotta body parts to Asklepios.

The Biblical Side of Ancient Corinth!

When Paul arrived in 51CE, the Corinth he saw was little more than 100 years old, but was five times as large as Athens and the capital of the province.

During his 2 year stay in Corinth, Apostle Paul preached the local Jews and Greeks about Jesus’ mission, before continuing his missionary journey to Ephesus. He set, however, strong foundations of Christianity in Greece.

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Nemea, where Hercules slew the Nemean lion is a religious sanctuary where pan-Hellenic athletic games were held and a must inclusion in your itinerary!

There are only a few places in Greece combining ancient Greek temples with what feels like the Napa Valley of California!

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Discover the Temple of Zeus, ancient baths, the Nemean Archaeological Museum together with the amazing ancient stadium with it’s incredible passageway.

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Feel the ancient athletic atmosphere as you take your mark on the ancient starting grid preparing to run the distance!

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Boasting 3,500 years of winemaking history Nemea is the perfect region for wine lovers!

Visit famous wineries all of which grow the local grape variety Agiorgitiko and taste their local delicacies!

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Discover the Bronze Age and explore King Agamemnon’s fortified kingdom, Mycenae, with the citadel and its ‘Cyclopean’ walls!

The Iliad and the Odyssey, Homer’s epic poems describe World Heritage listed Mycenae, ‘rich in gold’!

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