-Enjoy a stroll along Loutrakis promenade with many cafe bars, restaurants and tavernas overlooking the Corinthian Gulf and Mount Geraneia with its many monasteries.
-Enjoy your coffee/refreshments with local traditional patisseries from authentic sweet-shops (zaharoplastio) like PAPADAKIS.
-You will also have the opportunity to enjoy local coffee bars like Elnino,Paul's,Sax,Cafe Coral e.t.c
-Visit GERANEIA GREEK DELIGHTS a family business that has been operating since 1958. Producing the same traditional sweets from the start right up to today,you will have the opportunity to try and buy the LOUKOUMI (Greek Delight) at amazing prices, as well as the traditional water sweets known as VANILLA. (www.geraneia.gr)

St Patapios
-Breathtaking views of the Corinthian and Saronic Gulf's together with the Isthmus Canal, mainland and the Peloponesse, especially the South-West Coast.
-Enjoy free Greek coffee and Greek delights from the nuns residing in the monastery.

Temple of Hera
-Temple of Hera Akraia -St. Johns "tiny" church
-Today visitors to Ancient Heraion also get the chance to have a wonderful refreshing swim from the sanctuary beach or a chance to do some "cliff-jumping" from the surrounding rocks for the more adventurous, as the sea in the sanctuary cove is both deep and clear.
-Malagavi Lighthouse which is situated above ancient Heraion, on the western tip of cape Malagavi in the Gulf of Corinth. One of the oldest stone lighthouses in Greece built in 1897 that is still in operation. You can get to the lighthouse by walking up a small pathway. There are some spectacular views from the lighthouse of the Corinthian gulf,the rugged coastline and unusual rock formation in the sea nearby and of the Isthmus Canal.

Blue Lake
-Enjoy delicious food from the local fish taverns like Lindo and Mantas Bay.
-Enjoy your refreshing swim and bathe under the Helenic sun.